When You’re Gone

When you’re gone darkness seems endless
Silence so friendless, the fears I must fight
When you’re gone winds blow so wild
I awake like a child in the dead of the night

When I’m alone I start to question
What is the lesson to this life I lead
Heart like a stone, oh, how my soul thirsts
Cries out like the desert for the rainfall it needs

I remember your love falling like sweet summer rain
And a rainbow above and the sun through the clouds
And the warmth and the peace that remain

And you’ve felt the pain of lovers betraying
Can’t believe what they’re saying nothing is as it seems
And you know the dark numb empty feelings
Your smile concealing all your broken dreams

Remember my love, let it ring like a sweet ancient rhyme
And shine in your heart like sunlight breaking
From clouds down the rivers of time

Oh, when you’re gone, darkness come stealing
I slip into these feelings and my heart feels so cold
So come back home, oh, darling I miss you
What to hold you and kiss you and never let you go

© and Ⓟ 2016 Diamonds Big as Radishes, LLC. All rights reserved.